During installation there are two lights that inform the installer of the operational progress.

  • The Red light indicates whether the unit is connected to the GSM network
  • The Green light informs the of various stages and readings.

When first initiatited, the Green light will flash rapidly 50 times, pause then flash 50 more. This is the unit taking a series of readings to establish the current tank level.

After this,, connection to the mobile network will be started and the Red light will begin to flash. At first it will flash rapidly once every two seconds - that is the unit searching for a connection.

After approximately 30 seconds, it should slow down to once every four seconds. This indicates that it has logged onto the network.

If it never slows down to one in four, then a network is not present or has too low a signal.

Assuming that the unit logs on, the Green light will flash to indicate signal strength. It will flash from one to five times - with five being the strongest.

It will now wait for approximately 4 minutes with the Green light 'flickering' rapidly and the Red light slow flashing. After this time the lights should go out and the unit is now operating and monitoring fuel levels.

Remember to send iLevel the tank information and the serial number of the sensor so your account can be activated.