iLevel is a remote tank monitoring mobile phone app with simple, effective reporting and alerts. iLevel is focused on fuel and liquid fertilizer tank measuring within the agricultural market.

The free iLevel mobile app keeps farmers informed so that they do not run-out of fuel or liquid fertilizer, helps them manage their stocks and buy efficiently.

In addition, iLevel allows liquid fertilizer and fuel suppliers to monitor farmers’ stocks and optimise delivery logistics reducing delivery costs and ensuring the fertilizer / fuel is ready for when the farmer needs it.

The iLevel system has proven to be robust and extremely beneficial to our farmers. ‘The iLevel system has been working very well for us. It has made my life so much easier regarding fuel order management! I'm so pleased we got it installed’  - Alexis Brun, Farmer, Great Massingham, Norfolk

The iLevel tank level system is a cost efficient solution for;

  • Farms; Fuel, Liquid Fertilizer & LPG
  • Fuel Suppliers
  • Co Operatives & Buying Groups
  • Commercial & Domestic storage tanks

The iLevel tank monitoring system will work on all regular shaped tanks, single or groups, above or below ground, metal or plastic construction, subject to site survey.

Visit the iLevel website  and download the app for your iPhone or Google Android phone