iLevel has featured in the January edition of Farmers Guide Magazine, offering tank monitoring solutions to assist farmers with fuel & fertilizer management, during the busy spring period.

Ensuring adequate levels of fuel & fertiliser are redily available is a must at this crucial time in the farming calander & by choosing to install the ilevel tank monitoring system, farmers are best placed to remain in control of these essential liquids.  

The iLevel tank monitoring system has been sucessfully installed for several UK leading farms and is a trusted monitoring provider to hundreds of smaller independent farms both in the UK and abroad.  The system is simple to install and allows farmers to check the level in any tank by simply accessing the iLevel app on a mobile phone or via secure login to the iLevel website.  The iLevel system will notify farmers when the volume in a tank drops below a certain set level, keeping farmers informed and enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time maximising overall farm efficiency.

With Spring fast approaching, installing the iLevel tank monitoring system is the best solution to ensure effective fuel & fertilizer stock management.