iLevel has identified the opportunity of providing cost effective tank monitoring telemetry in agriculture. Larger tractors and combines demand larger quantities of fuel to be on site. The contents of a typical 9,000 litre tank is worth approximately £6,000 and is vulnerable to theft. Modern primary farm vehicles can consume in excess of 300 litres per day so it is vital that sufficient fuel is available during peak periods of demand. The iLevel system enables you to detect theft and will ensure that there is sufficient fuel on site to keep up with modern farm equipment during busy periods.


Diesel Theft & Insurance Reporting

isolated fuel tanks have long been a ‘soft’ target for thieves. The current fuel regulations allow farmers to use rebated fuels that are 42p per litre cheaper than the standard road use fuel. By fitting the iLevel sensor and telemetry system to your tanks, you can receive an alert if unauthorised removal has occurred.

And when you need to complete an insurance claim for the theft, iLevel provides documentary evidence of how much fuel or liquid fertilizer was in the tank before the theft happened. This saves you a lot of admin and time in trying to convince the insurer of the amount of fuel was in the tank before the theft.


Pollution Control

By monitoring your storage tanks using the iLevel sensor and telemetry system, any potential spillage or leak can be detected. This could prevent expensive insurance claims and clear up costs.


Cost Control

The cost of fuel has increased dramatically in the last few years but this increase can often be overlooked. By fitting the iLevel sensor & telemetry system, all consumption can be monitored and recorded. Comparison between different tractors and tasks can be determined and accurate grain drying costs are easily determined.