The iLevel tank monitoring app saves farmers money and improves farm efficiency:

  • Keeps farmers informed so that they do not run-out of fuel or liquid fertilizer
  • Helps them manage their stocks and buy efficiently
Running out of fuel during harvest is a typical issue for farmers and with today’s combines using 1,000 litres per day and high horsepower tractors consuming up to 1,200 litres a day, monitoring and managing fuel stocks is key to an efficient farming operation.
This was a key factor in Edd Banks, Thomas Banks & Partners, Cambridgeshire deciding to install iLevel at his farm. The cost of running out is £500 which makes iLevel repay itself 200% within the first harvest.
  • Organising an emergency, last minute fuel order would add an extra £0.05 per litre more than a standard scheduled delivery
  • For a typical 10,000 litre delivery of red diesel this would be an extra £500 (source: BoilerJouice fuel quote 24 November 2014).

In addition to the extra cost of an emergency fuel delivery, running out of fuel will mean not being able to combine for on average 5 hours whilst an emergency fuel delivery is organised and a lot more hassle when farmers are already working long days and nights to bring in the harvest. The iLevel tank monitoring app saves farmers money and improves farm efficiency.


Carl Driver is a Farm Contractor in Suffolk who is using iLevel to match fuel consumption with stock.

  • Carl has reduced his fuel stock from 17,000 litres to 10,000 litres - 40% stock reduction which frees-up £5,000 in terms of cash-flow
  • Can now purchase the fuel he needs at the best price and ensures that he is not over stocked at the end of the season
  • Will not be storing large quantities of fuel over the winter as it will degrade during the winter.


Here are just a few snippets of what our farmers are saying about iLevel and the value it is delivering to their farming business.

'Since installing iLevel tank monitoring across my farm, the iLevel app keeps me informed on fuel and fertilizer levels and re-ordering has been simple. This is the first harvest we have not run out of fuel. ILevel is a simple, perfect solution for any progressive, forward thinking farmer' - Edd Banks, Farmer, Thomas Banks & Partners, Cambridgeshire

'Our iLevel system has been working very well for us. It has made my life so much easier regarding fuel order management! I'm so pleased we got it installed’ - Alexis Brun, Farmer, Great Massingham, Norfolk

‘I know when I send a fertilizer spreader to the farm, there is enough fertilizer on site to finish the job and my operator is never waiting for a delivery’ — Carl Driver, Farm Contractor, Suffolk

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