iLevel has been working with clients for over 15 months and we have received feedback on some functionality enhancements which you wanted. We launched these earlier this month and below is a quick summary of this.


Alert Settings

Within the My Account area you can now set-up your own alert settings for volume drops and threshold alerts i.e. Red warnings and warning alert frequency can be set to your specific requirements and changed throughout the year as required.


Tank Renaming

Again within the My Account area you can now change the tank names as sometimes the content of these tanks can change. If the SG of the contents changes then let us know so we can re-calibrate the sensors.


Mobile Geo Location Reporting

The majority of tanks are fixed and in one place however some of you are using mobile fuel bowsers and we can now monitor not only the fuel level but also report the position on a map.


Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reporting

You can now set-up a regular email report detailing the movement in each tank. Please call us to gain access to this additional service. Below is an example report, which arrives in your inbox every morning, weekly or monthly, depending on the frequency you choose. 


For full details of the new functuonality, download our May 2015 release notes.