Camgrain is a farmer-owned grain central storage co-operative which needs fuel for grain drying every year. In order to improve its fuel planning, Certas and Camgrain installed the iLevel remote tank monitoring system in June 2014. Following the installation of iLevel across the Camgrain Group, Certas Energy are now able to remotely measure tank levels, forecast usage and plan fuel deliveries which has kept Camgrain's grain dryers running efficiently throughout the critical harvest period.

'Accurate remote measurement of Camgrains fuel tank levels across its four operations enables us to monitor and predict when CamGrain will be requiring fuel for their grain dryers which enables us to plan just-in-time deliveries which saves money for Camgrain and enables Certas to efficiently plan delivery loads' - Keith Durrant, Regional Manager, Certas Energy

Fuel levels are monitored by the local Camgrain managers monitor tank levels using the iLevel mobile app and Certas use both the web based dashboard and the mobile app.