Camgrain have chosen our iLevel tank measuring system to monitor their grain dryer diesel tanks across their 4 sites in the UK. This is a major industrial implementation of the iLevel system.

Camgrain is a farmer-owned central storage Co-operative and is the UK's leading grain storage solution. The iLevel system will deliver the following benefits:

  • Camgrain is able to keep hourly checks on fuel levels across their 4 sites in the UK via web or mobile app
  • Data is shared with their fuel supplier who can now ensure that the tanks never run out and can see the current usage rates as the grain driers fire-up
  • Efficiencies in fuel buying and delivery scheduling will deliver fuel cost savings through better fuel delivery and demand logistics planning

Following this initial implementation there will be temperature and humidity reporting using the iLevel platform and also road-going fuel management. Exciting times ahead for iLevel.